functional training facility located in the heart of Secunderabad

Strength, Cardiovascular Activity, Flexibility and a special emphasis on the Core musculature

About Us

Building since 2017

BREATHE is a functional training facility which is located in the heart of Secunderabad in Vikrampuri. The workouts at BREATHE have been designed in such a way that they cover all the aspects of fitness which are; Strength, Cardiovascular Activity, Flexibility and movement.

BREATHE! is a functional training facility where "deep breathing" and "exercise" are in perfect harmony with each other. Emphasis on breathing is placed to help the clients better recover from their workouts and optimize their workouts. It is for anyone from any age group regardless of the walk of life they are from.

The ethic of our training facility is pretty simple, You move as an entire unit so it only makes sense to train your body the same way. We never know what we as human beings might have to encounter on a day to day basis, it might be as simple as jumping over a puddle of water to not get wet or as much as a task of running away from a dog to not get bit. Hence, we train everyone who walks in through those doors in all the aspects of fitness as we know; Strength, Cardio, Stability, Mobility and flexibility.

We are not here just to help you reach a goal, rather we will do anything in the best of our will to create a lifestyle for you, a "Functional Lifestyle". The sessions here are conducted with utmost passion, dedication and attention to detail leaving you in a pool of sweat and big wide smile on your face!


Our gyms are equipped with a wide range of facilities to ensure you get the most out of every workout. We'll continue to introduce the latest equipment to our gyms to keep your workout fresh.


You’re free to use the showers and changing rooms as much as you like. When you’re finished working out for the day, don't forget to take a shower.


Experience a variety of amenities and group exercise classes. Our special packages can help you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle


Say goodbye to body clock setup stress. Come anytime within the gym time for a hassle free workout. Hours of operation are subject to change though.


Breathe has an exclusive free car parking for members and guests. Just don't forget to lock your car before entering the gym.


The Gym is located at a prime location in the city. You can reach to us in no time using a cab, bus or local


There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your clients' interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing Breathe Fitness with their testimonials